Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where, oh where, has my little Jenn gone?

Yes, I’ve been a lousy blogger. Where have I been?

1. Florida – For my cousin’s wedding. Bill and I had a relaxing little getaway. We combed the beach, collecting shells and watching dolphins and seabirds. Lovely.

2. Battling a miserable demon cold. – When we hopped the plane to come home last Monday, I had a tickle in my throat and a slightly runny nose. I’m still fighting off the last of it.

3. Planning my wedding. – So it turns out that planning a wedding is an even bigger time suck than Ravelry. Who knew? A good time suck, of course, but still it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time for knitting or blogging at the moment.

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Sarah said...

Happy wedding planning!!!