Monday, August 20, 2007

Michigan Fiber Festival 2007

Last year I went a little wild. This year, I had a plan. I went early and cased the whole joint before making my purchases. I only made two non spinning fiber purchases. Some Socks that Rock Silkie in Spring Fling from the Fold and two handwoven kitchen towels from Pat Tirrell at Centennial Farm Wools.

Angora/Silk/Merino in Summer Bunny (tell me that name isn’t cute) from Anne Tullett at Luxury Natural Fibers

Merino/Bamboo from Bonkers

Cormo/Mohair from Foxhill Farm

Lincoln/Corriedale from Victoria Station

Now I just need to decide what I want to spin up first!

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Ashley said...

Ooooh, The Fold was at the Michigan Fiber Fest? Now I'm even sadder that I missed out--I'm going to have to try to be in town for it one of these years. That looks like a good haul!