Monday, August 13, 2007

Peaceful Coexistence

Bill and I went to Chicago this weekend. It was a really packed, but very fun, visit. We had a lovely dinner with some good friends, scoped out a few hotels for the wedding reception and I got my Portillo’s fix.

And of course, Stitches Midwest. We reach the Rosemont Convention Center, I look out the window and I see a young lady with a stabby Wolverine (a la X-men) claw thing on her hand. I think to myself, that’s a little scary but fine. As we start circling around looking for the parking, I see lots of black, some capes, swords and wands. Finally “Welcome to Wizard World” scrolls across the marquis. I start to panic. How could I have botched this one? As it turns out, we were in the right place, just a shared right place. Bill enjoyed some seriously fun people watching. (He studied in the Hyatt lobby while I shopped.)

There were so many knitters and vendors, it was easy to get overwhelmed! I bought sock yarn and one very dear ball of Quiviut (okay, a blend with merino and silk – we have a wedding to save for people). I also picked up a few patterns but overall I was pretty well behaved. I had a near miss with a Tess’ Designer Yarn sweater but opted for the pattern only.

My first swatch for the Wispy Jacket was too big. I finished swatch two this afternoon and decided to wind some more of the yarn into balls. Its chock full of knots! How irritating! This is not cheap yarn, Rowan Summer Tweed. Of the 11 skeins I started with…

2 untouched, status unknown
4 knot free
5 with knots

Naturally the skein I grabbed for my swatches was knot-free. Had I know what I was in for, I’d have used up some of these lovely short lengths. (Not kidding here, all partial balls photographed below.)

Seriously Rowan, for $10, I think you could afford to give me 118 continuous yards. One ball with knots, okay fine, but we’re talking over 50% here. Here's hoping those last two are all in one piece.

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