Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Proceed with Caution

I finished working the raglan decreases for the wispy jacket sleeves. The pattern doesn't indicate how to work the decreases but this did not concern me. I'm a smart girl. I can decrease one stitch at each end of a row and keep double moss stitch correct, right?

Well, sort of. I had a plan. All the decreases are on the right side of the work. I would simply move the decrease in or out one stitch as necessary so that I always worked paired k2tog/ssk decreases and I always worked K1P1 across a row. This meant that the pattern in the 2 or 3 stitch outer border was off for a couple rows before it corrected itself but it was hardly noticeable.

Hardly noticeable, that is, until the rate of decreases changes to every other row. The outer border stops correcting itself on the no-decrease-right-side rows and instead of a little hiccup in the pattern, I have a K1P1 rib running alongside the upper half of my raglan decreases. It might be fine, but I have a growing concern that the little valley is going to look really crummy once the pieces are seamed together. Of course there is no way I will know for sure until I finish at least one front or the back and can see an actual finished seam. (We will not speak at this time about the forethought required to ensure the shaping on fronts and back exactly matches the sleeves.) Grrrr.

(I was really irritated that the pattern does not provide any guidance on the subject. Then I authored this post and realized how impossible it is to explain what is going coherently and concisely. It would have been a confusing mess. I'm still not sure any of this will make sense to anyone besides me. I will figure this out without hand holding and be a better knitter for it in the end. In all fairness, if I'd given the matter a little more thought before plowing ahead, I would have seen this coming.)

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