Thursday, September 6, 2007

Project Roundup

I’m bachin’ it again. We’re getting ready for this school weekend and I think, “Piece of cake! I can totally amuse myself for a couple days.” And I can. But every time I’m surprised by how much I miss him too. I’m happy and fully functional while he’s gone but it makes me very aware of the fact that it really is better when he’s around.

No need to worry. I don’t feel too bad because I’m so pleased with my stellar performance at soccer tonight! I had a great time and I’m getting so much better.

I almost forgot Project Roundup. Here we are a week into September already.


Dolly Bag – Finished! Love it! I do need to go back and reinforce the handle attachments because she saw a lot of use this labor day weekend.


Charade Socks – This iteration of the charade socks is moving right along. I really love the STR. The colors are so subtle and beautiful. I’m a breath away from turning the heels.

Wispy Jacket – Both sleeves are essentially done. I’m planning to rip out the offending portions of the raglan shaping but that should be a quick fix.

Dead to Me…

Monkey Socks – Perhaps we’ll give those another try sometime in the future.

Waiting in the Wings…

EZ Baby Surprise Jacket – Some test knitting for Sarah. I can’t wait! I get to work with some of her lovely yarn and I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while.

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Sarah said...

You are such a peach! Thank you so much!