Monday, October 8, 2007

Does this count as stash enhancement?

I know I've been a little lean on craft content lately but I am making up for it today. Freshly dyed yarn! Previously I've done all my dyeing at the KIA. (I liked making my mess in someone else's house.) Doing it at home, I have more control over the colors and the dye set better than it has in the past. There was hardly any excess to rinse out, not even the saturated halloween black. I think because I wasn't sharing the steamer, the yarn cooked more thoroughly. I'm very happy with the way everything turned out. There was one lonely exception (not photographed). What was supposed to be melon and bubble gum with a few splashes of pale blue turned out a knotted mess of muddy pumpkin. Yuck. They can't all be winners.


rams said...

You have a blog! (And gorgeous yarn, but one thing at a time...)

Nobody tells me anything.

Sarah said...

Oh.... pretty! Bob likes the caterpillar pose.