Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hello Hello

Welcome! I’ve decided to join the ranks of knitbloggers and I hope you’ll make room for me in your lovely community. I’m also a spinner, a beginning spinner. Let’s just say I am well on my way down the slippery fibre arts slope.

Currently on my plate…
1. Spinning Designer Yarns at the local art institute
2. Wood Sprite Socks
3. Charade Socks
4. Rowan Dolly Bag (gift with subscription last year I think)
5. Kim Hargreaves Wispy Jacket

I am really lean on knitting projects at the moment. I’m a bit stuck actually. Pictures and explanations to follow in due time.

Spinning, however, is moving along full force thanks to my class. I am loving these singles.

And I am quite proud of this top I blended all by my little self. A drumcarder has just made the wishlist.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a food processor. I love it. I made a pie crust in about 90 seconds. Hello tasty peach berry pie.


Sarah said...

Am I your very first comment? Oh, this is exciting! Welcome to blog land - you will love it here!

Sarah said...

Oh, and I really need to take that spinning class.