Saturday, July 7, 2007


Okay. The wood sprite socks, so named because the colors remind me of a forest and wildflowers. I really truly loved this yarn. Green and pink are my favorite colors. I loved all the different shades of green, even the slightly pukey, mustardy one. I dyed it myself and was so pleased with the results that I hung on to the skein for quite some time before I was ready to commit.

The socks are not living up to the yarn’s former beauty. I wish you could have seen the skein but apparently I forgot to take a picture. Now, ehhh. If I hadn’t been so jazzed up about the yarn, these would be perfectly acceptable. Do you know what I mean? You get so worked up about something that an otherwise completely satisfactory performance is disappointing. Just the same, we are way past the point of no return here. There will be no ripping out. And no, your eyes do not deceive you. I am, in fact, ready to turn the heel of the second sock and have not yet grafted the first toe shut.

Charade socks. I love the pattern and the yarn is doing this very fun spirally thing. Since the pattern is written on more stitches than my basic sock and the Schaefer Anne yarn seems a little thinner than most sock yarn, I went from my usual sock 1s to size 0s. This is not working out so well. I’m not sure if it is the joins in this specific needle or that the sock is too small to comfortably navigate the 12” Addis but I am constantly having to push the yarn over the join. This involves stabbing my finger with the pointy, metal, size zero needle repeatedly. It is not making for a pleasant knitting experience hence this sock is not moving along very quickly. I am also toying with the idea of ripping it out and using the yarn for a lace scarf. There is a little bit of mohair in there and with the subtle variegation I think it would make very pretty lace. Also this is souvenir yarn so I want to like the end product. (The red was a little hard to photograph. Thank you mister Bill for your valiant efforts.)

On a completely unrelated note, this afternoon I saw a momma turkey and three baby turkeys! They were crossing the road on my way home from getting my hair done. The babies were super cute. The mom was walking really slowly so the babies could keep underneath her and they all had fun little spotty feathers. I stopped to let them cross and watched them as long as I dare (didn’t want to irritate the big truck behind me). I love it! I’ve lived in Michigan for four years now and wild turkeys have in no way lost their charm.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy your blog. You tell a great story with each post. Keep up the great work!


Theresa said...

Jen, I'm in awe of your prowess! The dying yarn thing looks like something I'd love to learn myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn It's Mary from the knitting group. I really like your blog I can't believe all the things you are doing at one time, you almost make me feel ashamed but not quite. Keep up the great work!
I have lived in Mi. 27 years and still love the baby turkeys== we have some in our yard also.