Monday, July 30, 2007

Project Roundup

We had a pretty laid back weekend here. My bookgroup did not share my affection for Water for Elephants. To each their own. I did meet some new knitters Saturday afternoon courtesy of meetup. All very pleasant and welcoming. Bill and I relived college days, leaving a party just before the cops showed up. A friend hosted a fundraiser for breast cancer research and invited a band to play in the garage. Apparently the neighbors did not appreciate the music. (Understandably so, it was quite loud.)

July is coming to a close, so I bring you, Project Roundup.


1. Spinning Designer Yarns – Class has finished. I’m still plying and blocking the last of it. Pictures soon.
2. Wood Sprite Socks – also finished!


3. Charade Socks – There is usually a long period of denial for me between the moment I realize that something needs to be ripped back and the day that I finally accept that it must be done. I picked the charade sock up on Sunday intending to rip it out and wash the yarn. I couldn’t do it. It’s coming along so nicely I’ve decided to give it another go, perhaps with a different needle.
4. Dolly Bag – I knit the handles and now I need to pop into the fabric store for supplies. We’re getting there.
5. Wispy Jacket – The swatch has been blocked and is drying. I’m itching to get started on this one.


6. Monkey Socks – See earlier comments regarding denial. I don’t want to give up because the pattern is really cute but they are clearly too big for me.

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Sarah said...

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, Water for Elephants! Wonderful book.